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Free4all pack

My games and programs:
50 cursor rage - Play with 50 cursors, for free!
Alien survival - Try to save earth, with music and oldskool graphics!
Timmy the star eater - eat as many stars as you can!
Ice Jump - Go up long as you can!
Kabal Hunger - Kabal is hungry. Sub-Zero is tasty! Enjoy this Mortal Kombat themed game!

-Desktop fun series-
Desktop fun - Make your friends FREAK OUT!
Desktop fun 2 - A sequel to the great program!

-Screen savers-
Gridley - Black grid that fills your screen. Cool!
Fixing windows - It will fix your desktop.
Windows Vista Orb - A Windows Vista orb that flies on screen, with working setup!
Demo scroller - Write something in setup and see how it scrolls!